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What is repair cover?

Repair cover is essentially property maintenance cover a bit like home insurance on steroids as it covers way more!

It’s perfect for landlords, homeowners and investors as it provides a fixed maintenance costs per year to help maximize returns and help with property rental income planning.

How much is repair cover?

Our cover price depends on the property size and the cover that is wanted but ranges from £49.99 – £89.99 per month.

All our plans are fixed annual fees billed monthly.

We also offer 20% off any home improvements to our customers!

What does your repair cover include?

Our Cover includes most internal appliances and fixtures.

We have tailored our packages to try and cover almost all maintenance problems that landlords and homeowners have to deal with, in order to enable you to maximize your returns!

We also supply all our own materials at our cost so you will never be billed for any replacement parts or labor.

Please note that we do not cover structural problems.

Can I cover more than one property?


We welcome landlords and investors and we are more than happy to take on multiple properties.

Please email or call us to get you covered right away and we may be able to offer a discount.

Will I get billed for an emergency call out?

No, all our emergency callouts are included in our cover and we hope to attend all call outs within 1 hour.

Can I cancel my cover?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the cover we have a minimum of 12-month contract and for our 3-year plans we offer a break clause after every 12 months subject to T&C.

Do you do normal maintenance work?


We carry out all property maintenance works from refurbishments to one-off jobs.

Please feel free to get in contact to get a free quote.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of the UK excluding Ireland with our head office based in London and our Dispatch centre based in the Midlands.